Message from the Chair

"Land Use Planning will benefit all Yukoners by providing a shared vision of the future. The diverse and intimate knowledge Yukoners have of the land and resources is arguably our most precious asset. As information is gathered to prepare regional land use plans, Council wants to ensure new and existing information is broadly accessible. I invite you to explore our site, and discover your Yukon."

Mission Statement

"The Yukon Land Use Planning Council advocates land use planning as a comprehensive means of addressing cultural, social, economic and environmental sustainability. The YLUPC promotes an open, fair and public process carried out by all Yukoners, as set out in Yukon First Nation Final Agreements."


The Yukon Land Use Planning Council makes Recommendations to Government and each affected Yukon First Nation with respect to land use planning as defined in Chapter 11 of the Umbrella Final Agreement.

The Council also reviews the budgets of the Planning Commissions and proposes these budgets to Government.