Tim Sellars

Sam Skinner

 Bio pic Tim S  

 Position: Director

Since: 2021


Tim Sellars is a long time Yukoner, having lived in the territory since 1989, when he arrived in Whitehorse to work for the Yukon Land Use
Planning Commission on the Greater Kluane Land Use Plan. Tim went on to  work as a mapping technician, land disposition manager, land use
planner, fish & wildlife planner, and director with various departments  within Government of Yukon. Tim has most recently worked as the Senior
Planner for the Dawson Regional Planning Commission, leading the team that recently completed the Dawson Region Recommended Plan. Tim has a Bachelor of Science in Geography and a Master's degree in Public  Administration, specializing in integrated resource management.
Tim is an active participant in many Yukon pursuits, including mountain  biking, lake swimming, berry picking, coaching swimming, volunteering
with the ski patrol and playing with the Problematic Orchestra. Tim's  wife and daughter are both born and raised in Yukon and are members of
the Carcross/Tagish First Nation.

 Bio pic Sam S  

Position: Senior Planner

Since: 2007


Sam Skinner worked as a land use planner in the Yukon first for the Peel Watershed Planning Commission, then for the Yukon Land Use Planning Council where he contributed to the North Yukon, Peel Watershed and Dawson regional planning processes. His professional interests include landscape ecology, spatial analysis, cumulative effects, how to inform decisions, and communicating across cultures and interests. He has an MSc in mycology (the study of fungi), and enjoys picking mushrooms and berries, getting out on the land, travelling, and creating art.

Joe Copper Jack

Andrea Kenderova

 Bio pic Joe Copper Jack  

 Position: Senior Policy and Planning Advisor

Since: 2017


Joe Copper Jack, is the grandson of Chief Jim Boss (Kishwoot) of the Ta’an Mun (Headwaters People) of Lake Lebarge, Yukon, and of Copper Jack of Chitina, Alaska.

As a former Council for Yukon Indians Vice-Chairman, Yukon First Nation (YFN) Chief, senior self-government negotiator, aboriginal relations manager, economic development manager and tourism businessman, Jack brings to the Yukon Land Use Planning Council (YLUPC) a very good understanding of YFN cultural, economic and political issues regarding land and resource development activities in Yukon. Joe possess a two-year Renewable Resource Diploma, Yukon College Business Administration Certificate, Justice Institute of British Columbia Conflict Resolution Certificate and is completing a MBA Degree program in Community Economic Development.

You can read more about Joe's long and varied career in this article.

 Bio pic Andrea S  

Position: Manager of Finance and Administration

Since: 2022


Michelle Christensen

Nicole Percival

 Bio pic Michelle Christensen  

 Position: Administrative Assistant

Since: 2021


Michelle has managed to carve out a very broad career path since obtaining her degree in Environmental and Conservation Sciences from the University of Alberta back in 2000. She loves living in the North and is excited to be supporting land use planning in the Yukon. Outside of work she is busy with her family, creative and outdoor pursuits, and her ever-expanding garden.

 Bio pic Nicole Percival  

Position: Senior Planner for the Dawson Regional Planning Commission

Since: 2019


Nicole has been working on the Dawson Regional Plan since 2019 and is based out of Whitehorse. She has an eclectic professional background and happily landed in the Yukon and the world of regional planning in 2016 when she graduated from the University of Toronto. Nicole is enthusiastic about finding opportunities in planning that that improve environmental and social conditions through land use practices and processes. Knitting, hiking and canoeing are the things that she loves best (although, not at the same time... that wouldn't end well!).

Charlotte Luscombe


 Bio pic Charlotte Luscombe  

 Position: Land Use Planner for the Dawson Regional Planning Commission

Since: 2021


Charlotte is a newcomer to the Yukon, moving to the Territory in June 2021 to take up a planning role with the City of Dawson before joining the Commission as a Land Use Planner. In this short time she has grown to love the Dawson Region and, along with her husband and 3 cats, has made it her permanent home. Prior to moving to the Yukon, Charlotte was a Traffic Engineer and Transport Planner for Transport for London. Emigrating in 2018 to join her husband, she completed a Masters in Planning at Queen’s University, graduating in May 2020. Outside of work, Charlotte loves hiking and exploring her new home, experimenting in the kitchen and building Lego models (she is a self-confessed nerd!).